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Gilbert Metenier, French ceramist. Art Deco vase with flaming yellow, blue and green glaze. 1920-30s. Signed.
Height 25.5 cm. In perfect condition.
Gilbert Metenier was born in 1876 and took over his father's pottery in Gannat in central France around 1920.
Gilbert Metenier, French ceramist. Art Deco vase, yellow and blue glaze. 1920-30s. Signed.
Height 21.5 cm. In perfect condition.
Gilbert Metenier was born in 1876 and took over his father's pottery in Gannat in central France around in 1920.
Ystad Metall, Art deco vase with two handles in bronze.
Swedish design.
Measures 16 x 25 cm.
830 silver Art Deco pendant 2,1 x 1,3 cm. with agate and chain No. 233833 Middelfart Antik
Art Deco cufflinks 830 silver dia. 1.2 cm. Eiler and Marløe Copenhagen No. 232970 Middelfart Antik
Bronced Deer Art Deco 32 cm Bronce? Possible frOm Finland? See the images no markings Bronzed metal Klosterkælderen
Paul Milet for Sevres, large Art Deco centerpiece in oxblood glaze, app. 1930s.
In perfect condition. Measures 34 x 10 cm.
Josef Ekberg, Gustavsberg Art Deco vase.
Measures 16 cm. Stamped Gustavsberg, JE.
In perfect condition.
GoldSchneider, West Germany, Art Deco plaquette of faience, approximately 1930s.
Woman in profile.
In perfect condition. Measures 23 x 15 cm.
3 pieces, bronze, 1930s, art deco, GAB bronze.
Bowl, vase and holder for matches. Hallmarked
The dish measures 13x11 cm.
Bing & Grondahl

Offenbach I

Bing & Grondahl porcelain in typical art deco form. I've heard that it's called "Offenbach I", but this I'm not sure. Perhaps someone knows the real name?

It is white porcelain with double gold, same as on Offenbach.
Antik K
Jam Jar, Art Deco, around 1920. In the form of Egyptian woman.

Jam Jar, around 1920. In the form of Egyptian Woman - possibly Cleopratra. Polychrome decoration. Hand painted. Lid in the form of a hat. In the bottom-signed B. Foreign. H .: 11.5 cm. Perfect condition - great piece
Pegasus Kunst- & Antikvitetshandel Aps
Gunnar Nylund, Rörstrand Art Deco "Plano" vase in ceramics.
Beautiful glaze in shades of green.
Measures 10 x 13 cm.
From ring 925s

Sterling silver art deco ring with gold size 55 from silversmith NE From Randers No. 225 974
Middelfart Antik
Wengler Art Deco serving table, drinks table with woven rattan, approximately 1910. Flawless condition. Original wheels, Works fine. Very charming. Dimensions: Height 70, Width 70, depth 40cm. Atelier 4 Roses
Just Andersen Art Deco, disco metal vase, number 2011. 1930s.
Signed. Good condition, patina.
14 cm. high.
Art Deco writing set, 1930s, glass inkwell etc., silver plated tray .
In perfect condition. The tray measures 23 cm.
Art Deco set, 1930s, 4 assorted bottles in glass, silver plated tray.
In perfect condition. The tray measures 27.5 cm.
Art - deco dressing table.
Solid elm with top plate of black glass.
H. 62
Bellinge Antik & Design
Lalique art glass bowl, Art Deco.
Signed: Lalique France.
Size: 12 cm. heights. 25 cm. in diameter.
Two art deco natskabe.
Solid elm with top plate of black glass.
(Small crack in a plate)
Bellinge Antik & Design
Large Royal Dux Art Deco nude woman.
Measures 38.5 cm. Stamped, 721 3 P 3.
In perfect condition.
Bracelet 830s

Art deco 830 silver bracelet length 18.5 cm. No. 216849
Middelfart Antik
Art deco lamp

Height 24.5 cm.
Antik Huset
French Denbac Art Deco pottery vase.
3 amphora style vases composed into one vase.
In perfect condition. 16 cm. heights.
A pair of Art Deco Kähler, HAK, glazed stoneware vases. Beautiful orange uranium glaze. Stamped "HAK". 1930s.
Size: 15 cm. x 15 cm.
In perfect condition.
French Art Deco pottery figure, naked woman.
Mint green glaze, crackled. Signed illegible.
31 cm. high.
Cufflinks 925s

Silversmith NE From sterling silver art deco cufflinks 2 x 1 cm. No. 215288
Middelfart Antik
B&G (Bing & Grondahl) crackled / Craquele art deco porcelain vase in beautiful turquoise glaze. Circa 1930s.
Very beautiful vase in Chinese style.
In perfect condition, factory first. Measures 25.5 cm.
Georg Jensen Art Deco matchbox

Produced 1933-1944
Antik Huset
Pierre Serrus, mixed media. Nude woman, art deco.
In good condition. Measures 38 x 56 cm.
Georg Jensen bowl/dish on foot. Design: Johan Rohde.

Bowl / centerpiece designed by Johan Rohde in 1912 for Georg Jensen. The dish is beautifully raised on pierced feet of leaves and beads.

Stamped: Georg Jensen, Sterling, Denmark, 17B and Johan Rohde's stamp.
Roxy Antik
Lalique art glass bowl with flowers, art deco. Fine design.
Signed : Lalique France.
Size : 12 cm (4.7") in heights. 25 cm. (9.8") in diameter.
Lalique art glass bowl with flowers, art deco.
Perfect Condition.

Lalique art glass bowl, art deco. Fine design.
Signed : Lalique France.
Size : 10 cm (3.9") in heights. 23 cm. (9.1") in diameter.
Brooch 925s

From art deco sterling silver brooch length 4.8 cm. # 212020
Middelfart Antik
Teapot 925s

Silversmith L. Berth Copenhagen art deco sterling silver teapot # 211285
Middelfart Antik
Fish serving set

Danish art deco the year 1936 fish serving set in sterling silver 25 cm. # 210880
Middelfart Antik
A very special vase pressed brown glass Swedish: Edwin Ollers from Elme Glasbruk Art deco H: 20 cm

Winthers Antik
A very nice bonbonniere in blue glass. Art deco. Presumably Swedish H: 24 cm

Winthers Antik
B&G (Bing & Grondahl) Art deco turquoise bottle in porcelain.
Stamped, 1920s. 18 cm. high.
In perfect condition, factory first.
Gilbert Metenier, French ceramist. Art Deco vase in flaming yellow, blue and brown. 1920-30s. Signed. Height 24 cm. In perfect condition. Gilbert Metenier was born in 1876 and took over his father's pottery in Gannat in central France around 1920. L'Art
An Art deco Goldscheider, Myott Son and Co. Zebra group, modelled on a rectangular base, printed marks, 19.5cm. high.
In good condition.
Bracelet 830s

830 silver art deco bracelet inner dia. 6.5 cm. width 0.5 cm.
# 206588
Middelfart Antik
Green conical faceted Art Deco vase. Approx. 1900- 1910. Atelier 4 Roses
Rosenthal figur

Art Deco figure Rosenthal kunstabteilung A Begas 35 34 cm. # 204946
Middelfart Antik
Art Deco dressingtable with mirror

Dressing table with mirror

Laquered wood
Opus 57
Goldschneider, Vienna Art Deco plaque of earthenware, ca. 1930. Woman and child in profil.
In perfect condition. Measures 20 x 20 cm.
Brooch 830s

Art deco brooch 830 silver 3,2 x 2,1 cm. # 195909
Middelfart Antik
Large bronze sculpture in art deco style on marble base, Signed.
55 cm. high. In perfect condition.
Hans Hansen ring 925s

Sterling silver Hans Hansen art deco ring size 50-51 # 195339
Middelfart Antik
Pair of candlesticks in bronze from the Art Deco period

Danish made Art Deco candlesticks in bronze from 1920. In fantastic condition with no damage or repairs. Great patina on the surface. 14 cm high.
Reutemann Antik
Bracelet 830s

830 silver art deco bracelet 17 cm. # 193421
Middelfart Antik
Vicke Lindstrand
Art Deco bowl

Design Lindstraand for Orrefors bowl ca. 1932-35 H. 14 cm. Dia. 24 cm. # 193258
Middelfart Antik
Art Deco table lamp in metal. 24 cm. high (without shade holder) In good condition. L'Art
Small Candlesticks 925s

Sterling silver art deco candlesticks by Ove Klarskov Copenhagen H. 3,2 cm fod D. 4,6 cm.
Middelfart Antik
Hans Hansen Sterling Sølv Art Deco Coffee Set by Karl Gustav Hansen from 1933. Pot measures 17,5cm. Set is in good condition. Rarely seen early set by KGH. Danam Antik
Art Deco Ring in Sterling Silver by Hans Hansen

Finger Ring in Sterling Silver by Hans Hansen from the 1930s. In good condition. Stamped HaH and 925S. Furthermore, engraved with "C". No damage or repairs.
Reutemann Antik
Oil on board, portrait of woman, Signed, unknown artist. Art deco, approx. 1930s. Measures 30x44 cm. The frame is 5cm. wide. L'Art
Cold cut forks in danish solid silver

Art Deco small serving forks or cold cut forks in Danish solid silver 830S. Mark P.P for P. N. Petersen, Copenhagen (1907-1937)
L approx. 15cm

Danish Art Deco dressing set of silver, mirror and brush. Approximately 1920. In good condition. Marked with 3 towers and "IP". Monogram (see photo) Mirror 21 ½ cm. long. L'Art
Large Art Deco porcelain vase from Rosenthal. Hand painted with floral motifs. In good condition. 35 cm. high. Hallmarked. L'Art
French art deco art vase. Unsigned. 1920/30s.
19 cm. tall. In good condition, slight wear.
C.C.Hermann Art Deco lidded bowl with ivory. 5000m2 Showroom.

C.C. Hermann Art Deco lågskål from 1948. Of sterling silver with lågknob, handles and four small legs in ivory. Diameter 22 cm.
Osted Antik
Table Lamp. Art Deco Fajance. 5000m2 Showroom.

Table lamp Art Deco ceramic with beautiful floral motif. The lamp is in good condition and from around the 1940s. 49cm high.
Osted Antik
Art deco biscuit barrel H. 19 cm. Middelfart Antik
A pair of Art Deco B & G (Bing & Grondahl) Craquelé vases with lids in wood and silver. In almost perfect condition, minor wear. 1. factory quality. 14 cm. high. L'Art
Rare and early B&G craquelé vase with 2 fish, art deco, app. 1920 s.

1. factory quality, perfect condition.

Here you are offered a rare and early B&G craquelé vase with 2 fish, art deco, app. 1920 s. Rare vase of high quality.

Size : 31 ½ cm. tall.
12-sided blue / black marbled Miller fountain pen

Art Deco style: 12-sided Miller no. 698 fountain pen from around 1940. Push button filler. Need a new rubbersack before use. Unoriginal nib (Penol). Have a single hairline crack at the opening of the ap. Otherwise no damage. A little over 13 cm long.
Reutemann Antik
Horsens silver cutlery
Dan serie 6200

Silver Art deco cutlery Dan serie 6200 produced Horsens silver (102)
Middelfart Antik

C M Cohr 830 silver art deco cufflinks 2x1,1 cm.
Middelfart Antik
Art Deco bracelet in sterling silver by Henry Andersen 1942

Art deco bracelet in sterling silver 925S by goldsmith Henry Andersen from Roskilde 1942. In perfect condition. Marked near the lock. 20 cm long.
Reutemann Antik
Art Deco bonbonniére, France ca. 1900, green glass with gilted and light blue decoration. Diam. ca. 15cm. Atelier 4 Roses
Georg Jensen Art Deco Brooch in Sterling Silver #221. Measures 6,2cm and is in good condition. Danam Antik
Brooch 830s

830 silver art deco brooch 4,6x3,7 cm.
Middelfart Antik
Art Deco bowl in glass Holmegaard Glassworks from around 1930. In perfect condition. 13 ½ cm (5,25") high and 23 cm (9") in diameter. Reutemann Antik
Art Deco vase in bronze by Just Andersen

Heavy Art Deco vase in bronze by Ib Just Andersen (1884-1943). In good condition with no damage. Beautiful green and brown bronze patinated surface. Marked with model number B 158, logo and DENMARK. 8 ½ cm (3,50") high.
Reutemann Antik
Silver brooch

Art Deco silver brooch with vikingship, silver 830s. Width X cm. From silversmith F. Hingelberg Aarhus 1937 - 1986. Fine condition.
Klits Antik
Signet in bronze by Just Andersen

Heavy signet in bronze from Just Andersen in Art Deco style. In perfect condition. No scratches or damage. Factory stamp on the side. 7 ½ cm high (2,75").
Reutemann Antik
Silver candlesticks 925s

Sterling silver art deco candlesticks H. 16 L. 25 cm.
Middelfart Antik
Brooch 925s

Art Deco sterling silver brooch marked 23 CFH Sterling Denmark for Christian F Heise Stadsguardien 5x4,4 cm.
Middelfart Antik
Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Art Deco Bracelet #48 by Søren Georg Jensen from the 1933-1944 period. Measures 19,2cm and is in good condition. Danam Antik
Brooch 830s

Art Deco 830 silver brooch by Børge Alexis Godtbergsen Copenhagen L. 60 cm.
Middelfart Antik
Kähler vase - uranium glaze. Design: Herman H. C. Kähler

Kähler vase - Art Deco -
Design. Herman H.C. Kähler (1876-1940) in 1928.
Vase with body directly on the base.
Hjortheden Antik
Hans Hansen Art Deco Sterling Silver Bangle #202. Measures 6,2cm inside and is in good condition. Danam Antik
Writtingdesk in mahogany.
Art deco ca.1910
Bellinge Antik & Design
Royal Copenhagen Midsummernightsdream Jardiniere

Great rare jardiniere, " Marguerite " service, designed by Arnold Krog 1899. Art deco. Royal Copenhagen porcelain, flower-bowl / jardiniere decorated with dragonflies, length 40cm. Width 21,5 cm. height 13cm. Before 1923. 2. quality, fine condition, a few minor firing cracks in the glaze on the ins
Klits Antik
Georg Jensen Cake server Pyramid Dess. Harald Nielsen the first Art Deco pattern from the Silversmithy L. 19 cm. Middelfart Antik
Kähler bowl in orange uranium glazing.

Art Deco bowl from Kähler from about 1930.
Design: Herman J. Kähler.Strongly marked handles, "ears" and a bright matte orange uraniumglazing.
Marked . HAK, Danmark.
Hjortheden Antik
Coffee set

An art deco silver coffee set from 1934
Middelfart Antik deco lampe.

Osted Antikhuset
Art decor table.
Black stained

Denmark appr.1930
Diam. 99cm.
Lønstrup Antik
Art Deco

Stef Uiterwal: " Madonna". Dutch art deco sculptur of frosted glass. Signed monogram. Manufactured by Leerdam Glasfabriek.
H.37 cm. Perfect condition.
Egebæk Antik
Danish silver bowl, art deco. Made by Dragsted.565 g.
Width 23,5 cm.
Stenstrøm Antikviteter
made of pewter.

Just Andersen candlesticks. Art Deco. Height 16 cm.
Stenstrøm Antikviteter
Art deco lamp.
Ceiling lamp.
Bellinge Antik & Design
Pair of silver candle sticks. Art deco. approx 1930

Pair of silver candlesticks. Each for 3 candles. Art deco. Year approx. 1930. Height 12 cm. Width 26 cm.
Antik Damgaard-Lauritsen

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