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Fluted Full lace Candelabra
RC no. 1006
candelabrum Porcelain Height: 56 cm
Royal Copenhagen No. RC 1006
Telephone 0045 86983424
Mobile 0045 25460270
Stentoft Antik
Pair of French fire-gilt candelabra, 19th century. With five lights with decoration in the form of vine leaves. On circular foot with decorations. H .: 40 cm.
Pegasus Kunst- & Antikvitetshandel Aps
5 arm candelabra.
Danish design.
Painted metal & brass.
Nice used condition.
Roxy Klassik
Blue Fluted Plain
RC no. 1-13
Height: 48 cm
Royal Copenhagen RC no. 1-13
From year. 1894
Fine and good condition
Stentoft Antik
A pair of 20th C wall candelabra, brass, Denmark. Decorated with leaves. H.: 18 cm. B.: 15 cm. Pegasus Kunst- & Antikvitetshandel Aps
Old French candelabra, Church Candlestick, in gilt bronze with space for six candles.
Height: 69cm. Dia .: 35cm.
A couple of fine old 4 arms brass candelabras. Height 50 cm. 5000 m2 showroom.

A couple of fine old 4 arms brass candelabras from around 1880. Height 50 cm.
Osted Antik
5 arm
Silver (800)

Candelabra. 5 arm. A pair. Silver (800). Height 39 cm.
Lundin Antique
French candelabra, Charles X of France, 19th century. In patinated and gilt bronze. Decorated with palmettes. For 5 lights. Base in black and green stones. H .: 71 cm.
Pegasus Kunst- & Antikvitetshandel Aps
Josef Frank. A mid century nine arm brass candelabra. Marked : Made in Sweden.
Dimensions: 35 x 35 cm.
In perfect condition.
Erik Hoglund.
Wrought iron and glass.
Nice vintage condition.
Roxy Klassik
Bjorn Wiinblad, lady, unique three-armed candelabra.
In perfect condition. Dated 71
Size: 32 cm. high.
Bing & Grondahl Pair of 4-Arm Candelabra's in mint green and with gold. Measures 38,5cm and is in perfect condition. Danam Antik
Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Full Lace Wall candelabra #1111. Measures 29cm x 17cm and is in perfekt condition. Danam Antik
Beautiful 7-arm candelabra in brass - height 36 ½ cm

Beautiful 7-arm candelabra in brass height 36 ½ cm - foot 20 cm in diameter - arm width 29 cm - arms can be rotated staggered - Candlestick is incredibly beautiful and well maintained
Annie's Antique & Deco
Christofle Candelabra

Plated candelabra Christofle France H. 17 cm. D. 34x34 cm.
Middelfart Antik
Big candelabra

Big old candelabra with 7 arms made of gilded and patinated metal
Height 60 cm
Nice condition
Stari Antik
Five armed candelabrum in bronze.

Five armed senempire candelabra in patinated and gilt bronze.Hei approx. 52 cm. Year 1890-1900.
Hildebert Falcke
2-arm candelabra

Danish silver 830. Candlestick. With 28,5 cm. Height 12,5 cm. Produced by Grann & Laglye Copenhagen 1946.
Klits Antik
5 armed candelabra in silverplate and from about 1930. In good condition.
5000 m2 showroom.

5 armed candelabra in silverplate and from about 1930. In good condition.
Osted Antik
Stentoft Antik

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