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14 carat gold ring size 55 with sapphire from goldsmith Hans Jensen Aarhus No. 235865 Middelfart Antik
14 carat white gold ring size 59 with sapphire and clear stones no. 234611 Middelfart Antik
Gold ring with Brilliants & Sapphire 18 Karat

Stamp: Krone, 750
Antik Huset
Gold ring with Sapphire 8 Karat

Stamp: CF, CF, Goldsmiths' Guild stamp
Antik Huset
18 karat white gold necklace 40 cm. and pendant dia. 0.8 cm. Sapphire and 7 small diamonds No. 232430 Middelfart Antik
Gunnar Nylund

Vase 50 78

Stari Classic
14 carat gold ring size 55 with two sapphires from jeweler Kai Lund Aarhus No. 230057 Middelfart Antik
Gold brooch.

14 carat gold brooch with blue sapphire. Stamped Cb and 585
Hildebert Falcke
Silver ring

A gentleman´s ring of sterling silver sapphire. Size 65 = 20,7 mm. Weight 13 grams. Fine condition. From goldsmiths Henning Ulrichsen, Fredericia 1962-1972.
Klits Antik
Gold ring with Blue Sapphire, 14 Karat

Stamp: 585, EGN
Antik Huset
White Gold Ring with Sapphire and Diamonds, 18 Carat

Stamp: 0.3. 750, Utydlig maker's mark
Antik Huset
Gold ring with Sapphire and Diamonds, 18 Carat

Stamp: 18K, indistinct maker's mark
Antik Huset
Gold ring 585

14 carat gold ring size 50 with blue sapphire stone No. 217463
Middelfart Antik
Gold ring 750

18 carat gold ring size 60 with sapphire No. 214 583
Middelfart Antik
18 kt white gold ring with 0.30 ct total pink sapphire in size 54
5000 m2 showroom

18 kt white gold ring with 0.30 ct total pink sapphire in size 54
Osted Antik
Gold ring with white sapphire.
Gold 585 ACS (Arvid C. Solberg - Copenhagen 1930-1970).
Ring Size: 55
Contact for price.
Stentoft Antik
14 carat goldring snake with 2 heads with diamond and sapphire
size 54 # 195978
Middelfart Antik
White gold ring with an oval-cut sapphire weighing 1.9 ct 36 diamonds clarity p1-p2 wesselton top crystal size 55 5000 m2 showroom Osted Antik
A necklace with sapphire and tanzanite approx 160 ct. Long 50 cm 5000 m2 showroom Osted Antik
Ring with Sapphire.
14k Gold 585
jeweler Jens Johannes Aagaard - Svendborg 1947 - 1978
Ring Size 48
Stentoft Antik
Earrings in 14 carat white gold with white stones (maybe sapphire) - very small earrings Annie's Antique & Deco
Ring 585 gold

Bent Larsen Ejby 14 carat gold ring with 3 small sapphire size 53 W. 0,2 cm. # 181126
Middelfart Antik
Blue vase Holmegaard.

Sapphire blue vase from Holmegaard.
Designet in 1958 by Per Lütken (1916-1998).
H.24 cm.
Bellinge Antik & Design
Holmegaard "Labrador" vase, sapphire blue

"Labrador" vase, sapphire blue from Holmegaard.
Design: Per Lütken (1916 to 1998) 1958.
H. 24 cm, D. 6 cm.
Hjortheden Antik
Silver ring with a big beautiful sapphire. 925S.
Ring size: 59
polished and appears as new.
Price $: 114, -
Stentoft Antik
Ring with Blue sapphire.
14k Gold 585 Sapphire: 0.02 ct.
Ring Size: 56
Price $: 190, -
Stentoft Antik
Elegant Mens cuffs & collar button with blue sapphire, 14 carat gold

Stamp: HF, 585
Antik Huset
Gold ring with blue sapphire & brilliant, 14-carat gold

Stamp: 585
Antik Huset
Ring in 14 ct white gold with Amatyst / Alexandrite? & Sapphires

Ring in 14 carat white gold with Amatyst / Alexandrite? surrounded by Sapphires - Size: 54
Annie's Antique & Deco
Ladies wristwatch.
with blue sapphire in the winding button.
14k Gold 585
UKAS with patterns in gold.
A fine and beautiful watch.
contact for price.
Stentoft Antik
Ties needle with blue sapphire.
Gold 8k 333
price Dkr. 795, -
Stentoft Antik
Gold ring with Amatyst, Topaz, Peridot, Citrine, Sapphire - 14 carats - size 55 Annie's Antique & Deco
Eternity ring.
With 5 pcs. Brilliant cut white sapphire.
14k Gold 585th
Ring Size 58th
The ring is nypoleret and appears as new
Stentoft Antik
Beautiful gold pendant with blue sapphire 14 carat

Length: 45 mm.
Antik Huset
Silver Bracelet with 96 sapphires = 17ct. and 16 diamonds = 0.12 ct.
Stentoft Antik
18 ct gold ring with diamonds sapphires

18 ct gold ring with diamonds and sapphire size 50 or 1,6 cm.
Middelfart Antik
Sapphire blue vase from Holmegaard, design Per Lütken

Holmegaard vase in the "Sapphire-blue" series .
Design: Per Lütken (1916-1998) 1960.
Two vases marked "Holmegaard, PL, 18161" and two
Hjortheden Antik
750 carat gold ring

18 Karat gold ring, with great zirkon and red sapphire. Ring Size 53,5. Diameter 17 mm. The stamp 750
Klits Antik
Large pendant with tiny white sapphire - 8 carat gold exquisite design - height incl.řsken: 5 cm and width 3 cm Annie's Antique & Deco
585 14kt gold ring with pink sapphire ring size 62 contact for price Stentoft Antik
14k Gold Brooch with two sapphire side and 7 pearls on the same row in the middle of the piston 585 makersmark ssa Stentoft Antik
Brilliantring 18C: with rubies - emeralds - sapphires - brilliants. A beautiful and special ring for the particular. Aalborg Guld- & Sřlvhus

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