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ABC antik ABC Antik is a traditional antiqueshop, and what does that then mean ?
A traditional antiqueshop first and foremost trade in antiques, but also other furniture, that does not qualify as antiques.
Through 25 years of experience, we have created a network of customers. Domestic as well as international.
ABC ANTIK sells retail as well as wholesale.

Our selection is wide and varied:

  • Furniture from 1760 to modern classic Scandinavian designers
  • Glassitems from 1850-1950
  • Barometers from 1800-1880
  • Grandfather clocks, Danish and foreign
  • Paintings and prints
  • Lighting, hanging lamps, table lamps and chandeliers
  • Leatherbounded books for decoration
  • Jewellery and bijouterie, antique as well as modern
  • Silver and plate, both holloware and cutlery
  • Porcelain, service and figurines, mainly from Denmark
  • Boxes, candle sticks, dulls and many other collector items
Buy and sell:
If you would like to sell antiques and other furniture, you are welcome to ask for our professional estimate. You are welcome to email or fax us for valuation. Because of our own items and our market-knowledge ABC ANTIK are able to value items for both domestic and international markets.

Best regards
Soeren Hedegaard

ABC Antik:
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