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Large prism chandelier from the beginning of the 20th century


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Height 95 cm.
Diameter 40 cm.

Beautiful large chandelier with five socket that can be lit in two steps.
The prism crown is quite unusual in its construction, as the ring on which the leaves are mounted rests on arms on which three downward-pointing sockets are mounted. We have never had this construction before.
Its lower part consists of chains with octagonal prisms that are assembled in a nicely cut bottom bowl. The top part consists of long chains of prisms in progress and is nicely finished with a glass crown. At the middle icicles are mounted in small metal arms.

The chandelier has been renovated and has new wires and replaced damaged prisms with original antique parts. On one of the arms, the wire is sat on the outside, as in the arm lies the old wire, which is broken.

The bulbs can be lit on two steps, either the bottom three or all five bulbs at once, so you get great light play in the long chains.
Item number: 7837
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