Osted Antikhuset
Hovedvejen 186
DK-4320 Lejre
Phone +45 46 49 61 11
Mobile +45 21 69 41 11
Fax +45 46 49 61 01
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Open by appointment.
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tel. +45 21 69 41 11
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"Osted AntikHuset" (translated: Osted AntiqueHouse) is a shop full of atmosphere, apparently just a small antiqueshop.

Close to the shop is a huge warehouse of 5.000 m2 filled with exiting antiques.

This makes "AntikHuset" one of the top-5 Danish

Many of the antiques is bought from the local community and mostly the story of the furniture, paintings etc. follows with these purchases.

The customers like to know the story behind the painting, the settee or the bureau they just bought.

Here you can also view entire rooms in tastefull compostion.

Our main income comes from export of antiques, especially to customers from USA, Italy, Germany, Australia and France. 60-70% of our sales is abroad.

In the beginning we bought a lot of items from Germany, but today this has changed
- Germany is now one of the main exportmarkets.

We house our own large workshop for restoration as well as for the prouction of beautiful rustiqe planktables from oak.

Taste changes over time; the younger generation most often prefer the lighter sorts of wood, the generation before them wants oak, and the more senior generation is mostly interested in furniture from mahogany.

In "Osted AntikHuset" you are sure to find exactly that antique furniture, you have been looking for...

The company is owned and managed by Bente and Kurt Johnsen.

Bente most often takes care of the day-to-day business, while Kurt is mainly occupied with purchase and the sales abroad.

In the past 47 years Bente and Kurt has gained a huge knowledge in the antiquebusinesss - of great benefit to their many satisfied customers.

Buy and sell to both private individuals as well as business-to-business.

Import and export to and from the entire World...

Osted Antikhuset:
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