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Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Acorn Flatware Set. 32 Pieces, 8 Persons

Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Acorn Flatware Set. 32 Pieces, 8 Persons

Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Acorn Flatware Set. 32 Pieces, 8 Persons.

The set consist of the following items;

4 x Dinner Knifes 22.7 cm / 8 15/16"
4 x Dinner Forks 19 cm / 7 31/64"
4 x Dinner Spoons 19.2 cm / 7 9/16"
4 x Lunch Knifes with Short Handle 20.5 cm / 8 5/64"
4 x Lunch Forks 16.8 cm / 6 39/64"
4 x Dessert Spoons 17.5 cm / 6 57/64"
4 x Cake Forks 14.4 cm / 5 43/64"
4 x Tea Spoons 11.5 cm / 4 17/32"
Price: 22,500.- DKK per set
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