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Lighting:Floor- and table lamps (32) Ceiling lamps (28) Design (4) Other (121)
Pictorial art:Paintings (502) Watercolour (85) Drawings (64) Lithographics (107) Other (67)
Bronze, copper, pewter etc.:Bronze (81) Copper, brass (174) Pewter (119) Other (23)
Books, postcards, maps:Books, fiction (2) Books, non-fiction (8) Postcards (8) Maps (16) Other (2)
Glass:Drinking glass (80) Decanters (78) Vases (37) Art glass (42) Other (145)
Pottery and stoneware:Figurines (17) Design (117) Other (133)
Furniture:Tables (34) Chairs (22) Farmer furniture (13) Other (65)
Furniture, design:Other (8)
Coins & stamps:Coins (3) Stamps (5) Medals (9)
Porcelain and faience:Parts for dinner- coffee sets (80) Figurines (23) Vases (23) Plates (27) Other (184)
Jewellery, gold:Finger rings (21) Arm- and neck jewellery (8) Other (19)
Jewellery, silver:Finger rings (24) Arm- and neck jewellery (125) Other (137)
Jewellery, double etc.:Arm- and neck jewellery (69) Other (66)
Silver:Holloware (93) Flatware (100) Other (50)
Silverplate:Holloware (9) Flatware (6) Other (11)
Textiles:Carpets, rugs (7) Clothing (1) Other (4)
Clocks, watches:Pocket- and wrist watches (22) Clocks (2) Other (24)
Various:Toys (32) Weapons & Militaria (36) Etnografica (61) Oriental (322) Other (425)

Category: Lighting >> Floor- and table lamps

Italian camé lamp with the three girls, Naples, approx. 1900
Fog & Mørup Table Lamp, 1930s, Copenhagen, Denmark.
French gilded bronze table lamp. 19th century
English table lamp, 19th century.
Wiener lamp in glass and metal, approx. 1900
Table lamp in brass and glass, 19th century.
Gilt candlestick, 19th century. France.
Table Lamp, "Heiberg", Schollert, 20th century. Denmark
Jugend lamp o. 1900. Germany.
Opaline lamp, 20th century.
Art Nouveau table lamp, c. 1900
Petroleum lamp in porcelain, 19th century. France.
Floor lamp in patinated and gilt bronze, France, 19. thC
French table lamp, 19th century. With bronze mounting.
Crystal lamp with bronze, 20th century. Violet crystal glas.
Lamp base, 19 century. France.
Swedish girandol, c. 1900,
Opaline lamp. 19th century.
Le Klint lamp in stoneware. Reddish glaze. Denmark.
French bronze table lamp, partly gilded, 19th century.
Danish kerosene lamp, c. 1880 brass.
German table lamp in chromed metal, around 1950.
Brass table lamp, c. 1920. The bell-shaped screen.
1950 brass table lamp, Denmark.
French lamp, about 1900, of bronze and coboltblue glass.
Opaline lamp, c. 1900, with liveries
Lamp gilded and patinated bronze. France, 19th century.
Danish Art Nouveau table lamp in bronze, o. 1900

Category: Lighting >> Ceiling lamps

A pair of cylindrical design lamps, 20th century. Denmark.
Ceiling Crown, 19th Century. Denmark.
Venetian glass ceiling crown, 20th century.
Large prism ceiling chandelier, approx. 1900. Denmark.
Great prism crown, 19th century. Denmark.
Fog & Mørup ceiling lamp in sandblasted yellow-painted g . . .
Art Deco ceiling lamp of patinated bronze. 20thC, Denmark.
Pendant of decorated opal glass, Denmark. 1920th
Swedish chandelier in brass / bronze with prisms, 20th c . . .
Swedish ampel in cobalt glass with prisms, 20th century.
Danish crystal chandelier of brass. 20th century.
Bohemian chandelier. 19th century.
Large prism crown, 19th century.
Ceiling chandelier with prisms, c. 1900
Ceiling lighting, approx. 1900
Large French crystal chandelier with glass prisms and cr . . .
Large crystal chandelier, 19th century.
Large crystal chandelier, 19th century. Denmark
5 armed bronze crown, hung with prisms, 1930
Glass hung gilded chandelier. 19th century. Denmark.
Large sacculated chandelier, Denmark, in. 1900,
Large crystal chandelier, c. 1900
Crystal Chandelier, 19th century.
Lighting of bronze, about 1900

Category: Lighting >> Design

3 Asmussen chandelliers in gilded bronze, 20th century D . . .
Just Andersen chandellier vase, 1753, art deco, 20th cen . . .
Royal Copenhagen table lamp. 4604. White base. Denmark.
WMF lamp - Icora series.

Category: Lighting >> Other

Ancient Danish chamber candellier in brass, 19th century.
Camé table lamp. Italy 1900.
Pair of pewter candelliers, 1838, Germany.
Pair of English pewter chandelliers, 19th century.
Andersen, Just (1884 - 1943) Denmark: Pair art deco cand . . .
Italian Camé table lamp. app. 1900.
Pair of French gilded candlesticks, 19. C.
Clamp chandelier in brass, 18th century. Denmark.
Pair of English brass candelliers, 19th century.
Pair of French brass candelliers, 19th century.
Pair of French empire candeliers in bronze / brass, appr . . .
Couple of French candlesticks
Danish chamber candlestick in brass, 19th century.
Pair of pewter altar candlesticks. 20th century. Norway. . . .
Pair of candlesticks in brass, 19th century. Denmark.
Pair of French two braised gilded candelabra, 19th century.
Pair of Danish brass candlesticks, 19th century.
Pewter alter candlestick. 17/18 century.
Pair of brass tulip candlesticks, 1847, Denmark.
Pair of churches candlesticks, silver-plated copper, 19t . . .
French opaline lamp
IH Qvistgaard candlestick in brass. O. 1960. Denmark.
Pair of English candlesticks, brass, 19th century.
Pair of French gilt wall brackets 19. century.
Danish empire candlestick, brass, 19th century.
Pair of brass candlesticks, 19th century.
Pair of French flame gilded candelabra, 19th century.
Wall candlestick in brass with prisms, 20th century.
Næstved candlestick, brass, 18th century. Denmark.
English antique mining lamp, 19th century
Pair of antique Danish empire candlesticks in brass, 19t . . .
Antique Danish candlestick, brass, 19th century.
Antique Danish candlestick in brass, 19th century.
Par Danish bell candlesticks, Baroque, 20th century.
Pair of bronze candlesticks, Denmark, app. 1930
Pair of candelabra, France, 19th century.
Danish empire candlestick, 19th century.
Danish 18. Cent. Næstved candlestick in brass with round . . .
Brass wall lighting o. 1900, Denmark.
Pair of Napoleon III bronze candlesticks, 19th century. . . .
French candlestick, gilded bronze. about 1900.
English mining lamp in brass and iron, 19th century.
English lamp, Teale's house lamp, brass, 19th century.
Empire candlestick in brass, 19th century. Denmark.

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