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Unique Ursula Munch Pedersen bowl for Bing & Grondahl


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"Diameter" 18-20 cm.

The bowl has a few minor chips - please see all pictures.
Ursula Munch Pedersen is a graduate of the arts and crafts school in 1960, and soon became employed by L. Hjorth's ceramics factory in Rønne, from where she moved to Bing & Grondahl where she drew her iconic and award-winning tea set after chinese inspiration, as cups are without handles and the only decoration is a colored border.

Ursula Munch Pedersen is exhibited at a number of museums in Denmark and abroad, including Kunstindustrimuseet, Copenhagen, The Swedish King's Collection, Nordenfjeldska Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

The bowl is made in chamotte and glazed inside.

Item number: 2264
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