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Bourgogne Lalaing glass


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Height 16 cm.
The glasses have microscopic flaws at the polished foot, approx. 1 mm.

Lalaing was originally produced in the Belgian Val Saint Lambert, but has been produced at Holmegaard Glassworks for a short period of time.

The two glassworks enter into the first import agreement in 1871 on 34 glass services, which is renegotiated several times and greatly reduced. However, Lalaing remains an import glass service product until World War I, where Holmegaard obtains a license to produce the glass and continues with this until 1934. Production continues in Belgium until the 1960s.

The glass is mouth blown crystal glass with a nice hollow air stem. It is cut with wide facets that run throughout the height of the glass, from foot to cuppa. The glass thereby gets a hexagonal foot.

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