Lundin Antique offers genuine antiques primarily from Europe and Asia.
Our speciality is Danish design and Royal porcelain, but we also offer a wide range of French, German and British antiques.

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457508 Holmegaard. Candlestick. Cosmos. Height 22 cm.
item no: 
443236 Ice bucket with silver handle made by Dragsted. Sterling (925). Height 15.5 cm
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427221 Baroque glass and carafe. Both are decorated with cuts in the form of the Danish coat of arms, the Order of the Elephant, savages, centered with Frederik IV and Anne Sophie Reventlow's monogram. Height 17 & 21 cm.
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374509 Ice bucket from StrÝmberg with silver mounting from OGH (sterling). Height of glass 12.5 cm.

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